18 Oct 2011
Hannett - Maverick Producer Genius Musician 
Check out Paul Pledger's review (via Allgigs) of the latest offering from Ozit Morpheus, a retrospective of the production and musical artist output of the late Martin Hannett including musical and spoken word content from John Cooper Clarke, George Borowski, Bernard Sumner, Pete Farrow, Peter Hook and Hannett himself.

As Paul notes, of particular interest to Factory aficionados are the brief chunks of reworkings of The Durutti Column's Self Portrait (given a powerful syndrum overhaul), Calcutta by The Names and Hannett's own The Music Room, not to mention First and Second Aspect of the Same Thing flexidisc tracks.


Disc One

1. Martin and John Cooper Clarke - quick verbal quip
2. Office in a Bottle - Martin on vocals, synths along with John Hurst and Diane
3. Martin on synths, metronome, etc.
4. Martin on syndrums
5. Martin on synths, etc.
6. Bernard Sumner talks about Martin
7. Martin on Synths, etc.
8. Martin - strange piano mix
9. Martin on Synths, etc.
10. Martin plays bass
11. Chrysler - Belt and Braces
12. Benavila - Belt and Braces
13. Joe Smith - Belt and Braces
14. Derry - Belt and Braces
15. Trouble in A Major - Pete Farrow
16. Hold On - Pete Farrow
17. Sailaway - Pete Farrow
18. Maybe he’ll - Pete Farrow
19. Old Man’s song - Pete Farrow

Disc Two
1. Hooky talks about Martin
2. Manchester Boys - George Borowski
3. Who is Innocent - George Borowski
4. Dangerous City - George Borowski
5. Giant - Belt and Braces
6. Questions - Belt and Braces
7. Grapes - Belt and Braces
8. Money - Belt and Braces
9. Banks of The Dee - Belt and Braces
10. Chains - Belt and Braces

Maverick Producer Genius and Musician - Martin Hannett is available to buy direct from Ozit Morpheus.

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