4 Feb 2012
English Black Boys [LTMCD 2568] 
LTM has announced details of an X-O-Dus compilation album which features the Dennis Bovell-produced 1980 single FAC 11 'English Black Boys'.

X-O-Dus were discovered by Rob Gretton who invited them to record an extended 12" dub single (replete with Saville-designed sleeve) which had 'See Them A Come' on the b-side. The group disbanded in 1981 without releasing an album so this digitally remastered archive collection with the single plus various unreleased demos is most welcome.

Watch this space for an X-O-Dus competition.


1. See Them A' Come
2. English Black Boys
3. If You Want My Lovin
4. Take It From Me
5. Society
6. Leaders
7. Imagine
8. We Can Feel It
9. Dance
10. Underwater Dance
11. Narrow Road


Artist: X-O-DUS
Title: "English Black Boys”
Cat No: LTMCD 2568 (11 tracks)
Format: CD and download
Released: 2 April 2012
Barcode: 502 4545 6348 22

More info: LTM X-O-Dus biography

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