9 Feb 2012
Sweet N That 
Dermo out of Northside presents a new club night at the Star and Garter in Manchester.

Friday 23 March 2012
22:00 til 02:30

£4 on the door
£5 after Midnight
No Admittance after 12.30am

Expect to hear from the likes of.

New Order, Twisted Wheel, Janice Graham Band, Slaughter & The Dogs, WU LYF, The Fall, The Stone Roses, Dirty North, My Computer, The Courteeners, The High, I Am Kloot, New FADs, Jesse Rose Trip, Everything Everything, 1913, The Last Party, A Guy Called Gerald, David Potts, The Smiths, Magazine, Where's Strutter?, Mock Turtles, South, Kid British, Joy Division, Daystar, Autechre, Dub Sex, Section 25, Nine Black Alps, Humanizer, The Hippy Mafia, Vinny Peculiar, Lowline, Liam Frost, Frazer King, Black Grape, Blitz, The Tapestry, Intastella, Barry Adamson, World Of Twist, Jilted John, Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias, Danny Mahon, D/R/U/G/S, Keith, The Whip, Rig, The Second Floor, Space Monkeys, Buzzcocks, ACR, Electronic, Stockholm Monsters, Tunnelvision, Warsaw, Nylon Pylon, Oceansize, 808 State, Doves, The Naughtys, Joy Division, Alfie, Egyptian Hip Hop, Airship, DILE, The Chameleons, Northside, Delphic, One Lady Owner, Dayglo Yellocet, Ruthless Rap Assassins, Inspiral Carpets, Dutch Uncles, Music for Aborigines, Shaun Ryder, The Cassettes, HEY, The Man With The Stereo Hands, The Reegs, The Charlatans, Dust Junkys, Paris Angels, Puressence, Autokat, Plank!, Minny Pops, Y-Key Operators, Tonn Piper, Bauer, K Klass, The Longcut, Jim Noir, Working For A Nuclear Free City, Slow Readers Club, Mutineers, From The Kites Of San Quentin, Air Cav, Peri Scope, Ampersand, Paris Riots, The Rainband, Morrissey, Revenge, Eskimos & Egypt, Monaco, Happy Mondays, V Thirteen, Oasis, A Guy Called Gerald, Ian Brown, King Of The Slums, Man Made, Girl Peculiar, MC Tunes, George Borowski, No Tokyo, Audioweb, Supajamma, Daywalkers, Peyote Cult, The Minx, The Number, Behind Green Lights, Wonky Alice, Inca Babies, The Bodines, Goldblade, Whiskycats, Vagner Love, The Switch, The Hidden Revolution, AAAK, Elgazelle, Kizilok, Syd Bozko, Stephen Fretwell, Bone-Box, The Travelling Band, Bushart, The Sons Of God, Hurts, Northern Uproar, Elbow, Molly Half Head, Omerta, James, The Sun And The Moon, JCC, Cherry Ghost, The Children, Gabrielles Wish, Motion Inc, Durutti Column, ...plus the Hacienda/Thunderdome Classics, Madchester and much much more.

DJ Dermo (and very special guests TBA)

"Wear what you like, tell who you like and hear what you like."

"Anybody with a real passion for Manchester music, this night is for you."

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