26 Apr 2012
Martin Moscrop's Manchester 10K 
A Certain Ratio's Martin Moscrop is running the Manchester 10K on 20 May to raise money for Venture Arts, a specialist in the provision of arts and crafts workshops for people with learning disabilities. Running over 1000 varied workshops to over 100 people a year, they provide a high quality arts experience in a friendly, stimulating and inclusive environment, focusing on bringing out the best in every individual, nurturing talent and enhancing overall wellbeing and quality of life.

Martin says: "By sponsoring me for the Manchester run you will be directly helping Manchester people who have a learning disability to take part in meaningful, creative opportunities which otherwise they would be unable to do.

"Many have already donated generously to this very worthy cause. Any amount, no matter how small, will help me reach my target. Please help me raise money for this excellent cause by going to my fundraising page."


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