20 Aug 2012
Ike Yard - Regis/Monoton Versions ltd 12" 
Blackest Ever Black and Desire Records present a limited edition (700 copies worldwide) as a taster for the forthcoming re-release of Ike Yard's eponymous debut album originally released on Factory America.

The tracklisting is:

A - 'Loss' (Regis Version)
B - 'NCR' (Monoton Dub)

Ike Yard - Regis/Monoton Versions ltd 12-inch

Blackest Ever Black describe the remixes thus: "Regis returns to B.E.B. with a brooding, immaculately swung version of Ike Yard's 'Loss'. This is no 21st century techno makeover; Ike Yard's music requires no such updating. It sounds more like Regis sneaked into the The Ranch in '82, thrashing out a mix on the desk there and then."

Ike Yard's Stuart Argabright told Cerysmatic Factory "It was refreshing to hear Regis say this, as we were reminded how fresh the tracks were when we got the digi transfer back. And Monoton did a great job, his club, dub and KB remixes were all great, specific sections taken into focus and the beats just run and run free. Was reminded of hearing Basic Channel for the first time... that kind of shock of recognition."

Meanwhile, a reminder that Ike Yard has a gig on 7 September at 285 Kent in Brooklyn, NYC. The line-up includes Black Ozlem DJ, Led Er Est, Dan Selzer (Acute Records) DJ, Ike Yard, Xeno & Oaklander.

Plus, don't forget that they play London on 29 September at Hackney's Power Lunches night show and Manchester on 21 September The Factory,


More info at Blackest Ever Black and Ike Yard Facebook.

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