20 Aug 2012
John Dowie - An Arc Of Hives 
Influential early alternative comedian, writer and humorist John Dowie has his debut compilation album influential writer and humorist John Dowie out via the LTM Boutique label on 8 October. Dowie was a personal favourite of Tony Wilson and featured on FAC-2 A Factory Sample, FAC 19 'It's Hard To Be An Egg' and FACT 89 the 'Dowie' live video.

This remastered compilation CD includes pulls together those early singles plus unreleased demos recorded with the Smirks, Albertos and Fabulous Poodles, plus live material recorded in 1985. The cover art is by Ralph Steadman of FACT 89 fame.


1. Acne
2. Idiot
3. Hitler's Liver
4. It's Hard To Be An Egg
5. Mime Sketch
6. British Tourist
7. Jim Callaghan
8. Naked Noolies In The Moonlight
9. I Don't Want To Be Your Amputee
10. Mew Wave
11. Time Warp
12. Snail Tamer
13. Irritation
14. Beer
15. Grounded In Reality
16. Angry Old Men
17. Love You (Like Hell)
18. I'm Here To Entertain You
19. Miserable Childhood
20. Nietzsche
21. No More Fucking


Cat No: BOUCD 6630
Formats: CD + download
Released: 8 October 2012

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