19 Nov 2012
Crispy Ambulance The Plateau Phase FBN12 CD 
Factory Benelux presents a new CD edition of The Plateau Phase, the debut album by Crispy Ambulance, originally released in March 1982.

Bonus tracks include 12" single The Presence and Concorde Square and farewell single Sexus. This new FBN edition also features enhanced original artwork by renowned Belgian typographer Lucien De Roeck (1915-2002), and live photography.

Crispy Ambulance - The Plateau Phase (FBN 12 CD)


1. Are You Ready?
2. Travel Time
3. The Force and the Wisdom
4. The Wind Season
5. Death From Above
6. We Move Through the Plateau Phase
7. Bardo Plane
8. Chill
9. Federation
10. Simon’s Ghost
11. The Presence
12. Concorde Square
13. Sexus

Artist: Crispy Ambulance
Title: The Plateau Phase
Label: Factory Benelux
Format: CD
Cat No: FBN 12 CD (13 tracks)
Released: 11 February 2013

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