4 Jan 2013
Section 25 - My Outrage [7 FBN 62] 
Another Record Store Day release for Factory Benelux in the form of My Outrage b/w Hinterland [7 FBN 62], the brand new single by Section 25, issued in a limited edition of just 500 copies to mark RSD 2013 this April.

Taken from the new album Dark Light, My Outrage was produced by the band and remixed by collaborator Derek Miller of Outernationale.

"The song is a comment on the small pleasures of the everyday," says vocalist Beth Cassidy, "and when they run parallel to/mirror with the purely outrageous. One is just as important as the other. Outrage is the Yin to Sunday morning's Yang."

B-side Hinterland is an exclusive track and will not appear elsewhere.

The cover image by Peter Saville is an extension of the Dark Light cover and was designed by Matt Robertson at Peter Saville Studio.


Side A: My Outrage
Side B: Hinterland

Artist: Section 25
Title: My Outrage
Format: 7-inch single
Catalogue number: 7 FBN 62
Release date: 20 April 2013

Section 25 - My Outrage [7 FBN 62]

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