2 May 2013
FAC 288 'Twistin My Melon' T-Shirt 
FAC 288 'Twistin My Melon' T-Shirt

A companion T-shirt to the FAC 288 'Call The Cops / Shaun On One' T-shirt has been brought to our attention (thanks Andy W!). Featuring gaudily treated photos from the same Kevin Cummins photo shoot on a hotel roof it has Shaun and Bez (both probably on one) with the text 'HAPPY MONDAYS' and 'TWISTIN MY MELON' above and below. The small print reads: "FACTORY MERCHANDISE 1990 ©FAC 288".

As with Shaun On One, the provenance of these items as official Factory Merchandise is somewhat in doubt. However, I am assured that both were bought from FAC 281 The Area, the late lamented Factory merch boutique shop in Affleck's Palace.

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