18 Jun 2013
Red Mecca vinyl out 22 July 2013 
More Cabaret Voltaire reissue news following recent announcements about #8385 (Collected Works 1983-1985), comes via Mute who will re-release the iconic 1981 album Red Mecca on 22 July 2013.

This will be the first time the album has been available on vinyl since Mute's own 1990 reissue. Red Mecca features the classic Cabs line-up of Richard H Kirk, Stephen Mallinder and Chris Watson.


A Touch Of Evil
Sly Doubt
A Thousand Ways

Red Mask
Split Second Feeling
Black Mask
Spread The Virus
A Touch Of Evil (Reprise)

The album is available to pre-order via the Cabaret Voltaire Shop.

More info via the official Cabaret Voltaire Facebook.

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