20 Aug 2013
Girls Don't Count... but Section 25 do! 
Section 25's Vin Cassidy has been mithering Cerysmatic again (like most times, with good cause). We can do no better than hand proceedings straight over to the Twenty-Fiver:

"We finally seemed to have reversed a trend started over 30 years ago....With our first release, Girls Don't Count we did so many gigs over a 12 month period while waiting for the single to eventually come out on Factory, Larry and I got totally cheesed off playing the same songs. Now in the last year we have had more releases than gigs, what a result!!!"

Don't believe him? Well, here are the releases since Summer 2012:

Double vinyl From The Hip
Re-released Love And Hate CD
Split 12" vinyl with US band Stereograph
Larry and Vin's contribution to a version of Love Will Tear Us Apart on PRE double vinyl album (This was Larry's last ever recording before he died)
Invicta Max 10" EP
Dark Light CD, the band's new album
My Outrage, 7" vinyl single, taken from new album
Eigengrau CD - S25 remixed by the likes of Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire), Portion Control, 23 Skidoo, Absolute Body Control

The band do still however, once in a while, come out to play live and two such upcoming occasions are:

Saturday 19 October 2013
Islington Mill
James St
Salford M3 5HW
Tel: 0161 278 6404
Tickets available via skiddle.com

Friday 6 December 2013
Blue Shell
Luxemburger Strasse 32

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