24 Aug 2013
Not working 
John Dowie's new website is up and running at johndowie.com and here's the rather excellent intro:

"Not working. Not writing. Not performing. Not Twittering. Not on Facebook. Not on Radio. Not on TV. Not doing game shows, chat shows, list shows, grumpy-old whatever shows. Not doing quiz shows. Not doing adverts. Not doing voice-overs for insurance companies / banks / supermarkets / dodgy yogurts. Not going to Edinburgh. Not competing for prizes, awards or anyone's attention. Not pontificating in newspapers. Not pontificating on Pontiffs. Not banging on about my religion or lack of it. Not listening to music on leaky headphones. Not chewing gum with my mouth open. Not walking about clutching cardboard cup of coffee. Not walking about eating. Not walking about with my top off displaying ugly tattoos / piercing / nipples. Not using the word Issue when I mean Problem. Not using the word Fantastic when I mean Good. Not yammering on a mobile phone for two hours between Norwich and London while sitting in the Quiet Zone. Not in a relationship. Not bothered. Not worried. Not getting any younger. Not living in the real world. Hopeful."

John Dowie's An Arc of Hives retrospective is still available via LTM.

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