26 Aug 2013
Section 25 - Invicta Max [MM011] 
Section 25 - Invicta Max 10-inch EP

Further to our recent Section 25 catch-up with Vin Cassidy, here are belated details of the recent 'Invicta Max' release:

First available as 4-track download EP 'Invicta' via Hacienda Records, the (slightly) retitled 'Invicta Max' is now a limited edition clear vinyl 10-inch extended play vinyl artefact with unreleased material (including the Absolute Body Control of Microgroove) via Minimal Maximal / Daft Records.


Colour, Movement, Sex and Violence (Song mix) 3:22
Inner Drive (Chaos mix) 4:56
Microgroove (Song mix) 2:50

Colour, Movement, Sex and Violence (alternative mix) 3:56
Inner Drive (Song mix) 3:48
Microgroove (Absolute Body Control remix) 4:06


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