20 Sept 2013
Always New - Section 25's latest activities 
Following on from our recent piece on Section 25's prolific spell of activity, we take a more detailed look at the band's most recent releases, re-releases and remixes from the past year or so, as well as a quick glance at their upcoming gigs, one of which might be of interest to Factory fans next year!

Section 25's Dark Light

Dark Light CD/download

Released early 2013, Dark Light is the band's seventh studio album 'proper' and their first since 2009's Nature and Degree (also their first without founder Larry Cassidy). By turns forward-thinking with its electronics and feminine vocals, courtesy of Bethany and Jo, yet still harbouring attitude and awareness reminiscent of earlier material, DL comes decorated in a fresh new Peter Saville sleeve and heralds something of a new chapter in the band's history. For a full review, head to Flipside here

My Outrage 7"

Perhaps the focal point of the band's pristine new album Dark Light was this sprightly pop nugget, selected for a Record Store Day release, back in April. Coupled with an otherwise unreleased instrumental called Hinterland, My Outrage came dressed in a variant of the smart Peter Saville sleeve designed for its bigger brother/sister. There may be a few copies left for a fiver - more details here

From The Hip vinyl

Summer 2012 saw a double vinyl issue appear on the resurrected Factory Records, dressed smartly in its original Peter Saville sleeve and sporting a sticker declaring the inclusion of a bonus 12". This extra slab of plastic includes the original Megamix version of Looking From a Hilltop from Fac 108 and a much-fancied remix of the same tune (re-titled as Another Hilltop) by New Order's Stephen Morris. A worthy reissue and well worth seeking out.

Love and Hate CD

Love and Hate CD

Previously issued on CD by LTM, its newly refurbished cousin Factory Benelux dusted down this under-rated set by sprucing it up with some natty extras. As well as the main album re-assembled back into its original running order, you get both sides of Bad News Week (FAC 157), 'retro' mixes of Warhead and the previously unrecorded Boogie Beat and two tracks from the Factory Benelux EP, Crazy Wisdom. Buy it from FBN direct and you get an exclusive slipcase sleeve.

Split 12" with Stereograph

American electro stalwarts met Blackpool, er,  electro stalwarts for this split coloured-vinyl 12" single, housed in a die-cut sleeve in a limited run of just 500 copies. Section 25's offerings were hard-to-find dubs of Colour Movement Sex and Violence and Inner Drive - you also get a download code to preserve your precious wax. There are still copies left at Phaneron Records direct for 10 bucks plus postage.

Invicta Max 10"

Expanding on the earlier 2011 download release on Hacienda Records, this clear-vinyl 10" on Minimal Maximal took the Invicta EP to the Max by adding two more titles to the running order, namely a double-whammy of remixes of the previously unrecorded Microgroove. Absolute Body Control lent their industrial chops for one version and very good it is too. Even rarer than the split Stereograph single, only 400 copies were pressed up. If you want a copy of MM011, you should try Daft Records in the first instance.

Eigengrau CD

Eigengrau remix album

Following on from the band's own collection of reinterpreted favourites, this collection from Austria's Klanggalerie imprint featured third-party remixes of classics such as Dirty Disco, Beating Heart, Girls Don't Count and The Process, as well as adding another reworking of Looking From a Hilltop. A stellar cast of mainly electro or industrial remixers includes Cabaret Voltaire's Stephen Mallinder, Zoviet France, 23 Skidoo, Renaldo and the Loaf and Absolute Body Control. After reading the Flipside review, you should nip over to LTM to grab a copy - it's rather good.

The Post Romantic Empire album

Now this IS a grand project and no mistake. Both Vincent and Larry Cassidy can be heard on two atmospheric versions of Love Will Tear Us Apart - the former contributes drums to the first version while Larry's last ever recording, a spoken word recital of Ian Curtis' lyrics, has been interwoven with music provided by Peter Hook, Nat Wason (Haven, The Light) and Eliot Bates. The rest of the limited hand-produced vinyl-album includes equally expressive contributions by David Tibet, Annabella Lwin, Little Annie and several others. More details can be found on the PRE website.

And that's not all - a 2 x CD deluxe reissue of From The Hip has been earmarked for a 2014 release on Factory Benelux - more on this new exciting release of FBN33 to follow...


Section 25 have announced a veritable smorgasbord of shows during 2013 and 2014. Here's our handy guide - tickets subject to availability.

Machinenation Nation

Islington Mill, Salford on 19 October

First up is the much-anticipated Machination Nation event at Islington Mill on 19 October. On the bill with S25 are AAAK, otherwise known as As Able As Kane, plus DJ slots from MC Tunes, Chewdisco and Mouseybrown. Head to Allgigs for tickets (Early Birds have all gone, still a few standard entry tickets left though).

Germany - Cologne at the Blue Shell, Luxemburger Strasse 32 on 6 December

Austria - Vienna at the Fluc, Praterstern 5 on 8th December

Blackpool County Cricket Ground, Blackpool on 25th May 2014

The band will play at the fourth instalment of Alfresco alongside Factory label-mates A Certain Ratio, plus a nifty line-up that includes Mr Scruff, Andrew Weatherall and more. Tickets from Cowbell Radio direct, priced from £10 upwards.

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