18 Oct 2013
Defining Me @ The Lowry 
Defining Me: Musical Adventures in Manchester

As trailed in our Massey / Massonix update, there's a new exhibition down at the Lowry in Salford which has been curated by those nice people at the Manchester District Music Archive. 'Defining Me: Musical Adventures in Manchester' tells the story of Manchester's musical through eyes, recollections and collections of various people with a strong connection to Manchester.

In addition to Graham Massey there is plenty of interest for Factory Records fans... Bruce Mitchell (The Durutti Column's Gonzo Drum Master himself), John Kertland (early Hacienda regular and member, promoter of an early Stone Roses gig in Shrewsbury, possessor of an unfeasibly amount of bootleg cassettes and proprietor of Caroline True Records), Sarah Champion and Hewan Clarke have all made contributions.

Defining Me continues until 23 February 2014 at The Lowry in Salford.

Thanks to Mat Norman @ MDMA. 

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