18 Oct 2013
Hommage au Fromage / Hollingsville 
Graham Massey has been busy under his Massonix guise and the latest fruits can be seen in a new "double A" collaboration with Bruno Spoerri for the ongoing Disposable Music series.

Swiss electronic jazz pioneer Spoerri's Hommage au Fromage seemingly defies most reasonable description but it is apparently based on an album originally commissioned by the Swiss Cheese Consortium (it says here) which is good enough for me.

Moving swiftly on to the Massonix portion, the music found on 'Hollingsville' was originally created for a 12-part radio series on Resonance 104.4 FM featuring writer (and one-time fellow Biting Tongues man) Ken Hollings. It uses pre-synth analogue machines extensively but, to the best of my knowledge, does not have any cheese connections.

Hommage au Frommage / Hollingsville is available for 14.99 GBP as an LP with download code via Finders Keepers Records.

You may also wish to investigate a non-Massonix Massey Mixcloud mix entitled Outer Planets that Graham has done for his segment of Manchester District Music Archive exhibition 'Defining Me (Musical Epiphanies in Greater Manchester)' (more on that in our next post). This charts Graham's interest in space music starting in the early 1960s with Joe Meek & Barry Gray and featuring Hawkwind, Gong, Sun Ra and much more. Trippy man!

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