21 Oct 2013
Urmston's answer to nothing 
Morrissey's Autobiographical FAC-related Musings #1:

"'You must call your next album Steven,' says Manchester luvvie Tony Wilson, and I stare back at him - wondering if he had ever actually had a good idea in his life.

"Wilson repeatedly turns up at Morrissey concerts and then automatically lambasts me in print or on radio almost as if he enjoys his hatreds as much as he enjoys his joys. 'Let's face it,' he says on Australian radio, 'Morrissey really IS a horrible person.' Weeks later I am behind the wheel of my sky-blue Jag in Los Angeles, stalled at traffic lights. I spot whom I think to be Jerry Springer walking across the street in front of me (Miller Drive, should you care), but of course it is Urmston's answer to nothing, and Wilson bows his head towards me and offers a smile - as three-faced as he ever was."

And there's more where that came from!

Morrissey's 'Autobiography' is out now via Penguin Classics.

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