12 Nov 2013
The Executioner's Theme 
Paul Haig

'The Executioner', the unreleased collaboration between Cabaret Voltaire and Paul Haig which was originally planned for release on Factory Benelux (FBN 47/48) will finally be released via Les Disques du Crépuscule as part of the forthcoming Paul Haig compilation 'At Twilight' (TWI 1154 CD).

The FBN 47/48 (one was the 7", the other the 12") tracks have previously surfaced elsewhere. One mix can be found on Paul Haig's 'European Sun' compilation LP/CD (TWI 829) on Crépuscule or Interphon CD (IPCD 2018-36 1988). Another mix can be found on the cassette version of 'The Quick Neat Job' Crépuscule compilation (TWIC 643).

The 2CD album slated for Winter/Spring 2013/14 will also include Haig's lost 1984 Island album in its entirety.

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