10 Dec 2013
Justified Fascination 
In a brand new interview with John Doran for The Quietus, ex-Cabaret Voltaire lead man Richard H. Kirk talks mainly about the recent expansive 83-85 Mute box set. However, there's a couple of interesting Factory Records-related snippets in there too...

On the occasion of the opening night of the Hacienda:

"We were mates with the Factory people and we'd worked with them in the past. We'd played the original Factory club at the Russell in Moss Side. I remember when the Hacienda opened up on the Friday night there was a private party which New Order played and it wasn't open to the public. I think we decided not to go to that because we would have ended up fucked up for that Saturday night. [laughs] Because we did like to party, make no bones about it. But I don't think there were that many people there on the Saturday night and the acoustics were absolutely terrible but you know, there was something about that place. Something really good. I went there many, many times and not just to play but to watch bands and to hang out."

On The Final Academy night in Brixton (immortalised in the Ikon video 'The Final Academy Documents [IKON 9]'):

"Yeah. Well, as you know we were all mates with Throbbing Gristle who had sadly split up and then Sleazy and Gen went on to form Psychic TV and we were kind of involved in that a little bit. We made a video piece for a Psychic TV release, that I don’t think ever saw the light of day and obviously being totally into [William] Burroughs it just seemed like it would be fantastic. Brion Gysin was there. John Giorno was there. Psychic TV, Last Few Days and maybe 23 Skidoo as well. We were performing more of a low key ambient piece where the films were important and the soundtrack less so."

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