5 Dec 2013
Not just the 5th member of Joy Division... 
... or the third member of The Durutti Column.

Martin Hannett was Factory Records' genius in-house producer, musician and sonic experimenter. A new 4-hour reportage-style documentary filmed over many years and to be released next year will explore his life in interviews with an extensive cast including Tony Wilson, Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Bruce Mitchell, CP Lee, Tosh Ryan, Lindsay Reade, George Borowski, Kevin Hewick, Mick Middles, Victor Brox, Bob Dickinson, Julia Adamson, Reni, Andy Spearpoint (New FADS), Wendy Hannett, Vini Reilly, Tina Simmons, Bono (audio only) and Mark Radcliffe.

The project was conceived by Anthony Ryan Carter and initiated in the 90s with interviews carried out by Jon Ronson and Tosh Ryan. It was then shelved until being resurrected by Chris Hewitt and Tom Hewitt with new interviews carried out from 2009 to 2013 and is set for release on dvd in the spring.

He wasn't just the 5th member of Joy Division - Martin Hannett

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