27 Mar 2014
Nova Nova & Peter Hook 'Low Ends' 2014 
Nova Nova & Peter Hook 'Low Ends'

Nova Nova & Peter Hook's Low Ends, originally released in 2013, will be issued on limited edition vinyl by Atal Music for Record Store Day - 19 April 2014. There will be two separate 7-inch singles pressed in different coloured sleeves.

The history of Low Ends is somewhat complex...

In 2002, Malcolm McLaren had been living in Paris for several years when he met and hired Thierry Criscione as the producer of his new album. Malcolm McLaren got in touch with his old friend Tony Wilson, as he wished to use the lead vocals from Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart in a new track called Love Will. Thierry Criscione then asked his friend Marc Durif from the French electronica band Nova Nova to finalise the track's production. Upon completion, Tony Wilson gave a copy to Peter Hook.

Later, when Marc Durif heard that Hooky had used the track in his own DJ sets, Marc sent Peter Hook an acoustic piano arrangement of LWTUA he had done using the full Ian Curtis acappella. Hooky then agreed to play bass on a new track by Marc which eventually became Low Ends.


Vinyl 1 (Ata 1877)

A - Original Mix [4' 24"]
B - Slabb Remix [4' 26']

Vinyl 2 (Ata 1878)

A - Thierry Criscione Reconstructed Balearic Remix [4' 18"]
B - Thierry Criscione Remix [4' 12"]

More information vua Atal Music Twitter and Facebook.

Nova Nova & Peter Hook 'Low Ends'

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