9 Nov 2014
Michael H. Shamberg 
Cerysmatic Factory, along with everyone in the Factory Records community were saddened to hear of the recent passing of Michael H. Shamberg, the innovative music video producer who worked most famously with New Order. Michael also ran Factory's New York operations - Of Factory New York, Factory US and Factory America, and with the last of these was notably associated with Ike Yard on their debut album. Michael also produced films and videos outwith the Factory family via kinoteca.net.

New Order paid tribute to Michael their website saying they "will miss him dearly and send our condolences to all his family and friends."

In the Manchester Evening News Peter Hook, said "Michael was a lovely man. His work on our videos, so important at the time, defined our image and an era. He was a true revolutionary. One of a very small band of of truly gifted individuals! He will be missed.”

James Nice, of Factory Benelux said "We issued the Of Factory New York compilation album earlier this year to raise money for his ongoing treatment, and were able to transfer funds before he passed. More important, Michael received copies of the album and was delighted with it. He will be missed by many people inside the industry and out, and our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with Miranda and his family."

Ike Yard's statement on their Facebook page echoed these sentiments: "Ike Yard would like to celebrate the life of Michael Shamberg, a friend and colleague who managed Factory America / Factory NY and produced many seminal videos for Factory artists. He also designed the cover for Ike Yard's "A Fact A Second" 1982 album. Michael passed away after a long illness last Saturday. We honor his indomitable creative spirit."

Finally, the director of New Order's True Faith, Philippe Découflé gave a short but heartfelt message at the Shamberg-associated Turtle Salon site - "Tristesse immense. Adieu Michael, mon ami...".

Rest in peace Michael.

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