26 May 2017
A flavour of the label 
FACT 220 Bummed label

Factory was highly noted for the quality of its graphic design which featured on everything from badges to posters to the records themselves. Once you got past the outer sleeve of a record it didn't stop there though as these 12" and LP labels prove. Central Station's loud and brash design for Happy Mondays is in complete contrast with the Factory Classical branding developed by Peter Saville, Brett Wickens and others.

FACT 256 Rolf Hind label

Central Station showed another side to their talents with the bright and bold FAC 228 for Karl Denver.

FAC 228 Wimoweh label

Meanwhile, the FAC 257 Getting Away With It label by Peter Saville Associates for Electronic retains only the typography from the sleeve artwork in a minimalist approach.

FAC 257 Getting Away With It label

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