11 May 2017
Getting the band back together 
OK, where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?

We are back and we have a new home - cerysmatic.factoryrecords.org - which should be familiar to you as the home of the Factory Records Catalogue. However, rest assured that the sites will remain separate although they share the same domain name and hosting.

One mega-site might've been possible to construct but it would have been a nightmare to navigate and maintain. But please do check out our sister site because lots of new work has been completed in recent months and there will be plenty more.

There'll be improvements around these parts too and a few have already happened in the background. It'll be a little bit longer (you mean a lot longer, Ed.) before Scream City fanzine makes a return. However, some work was done quite a while now on what might've eventually become Scream City 6 and some of that may see the light here instead.

I hope the site is all in good working order but if you spot anything awry please let me know. As ever, thank you for your continued forbearance.

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