19 May 2017
Octavo Redux 
Octavo Redux

Between 1986 and 1992, 8vo did plenty of ground-breaking and, let's face it, simply stunning design for Factory Records (c.f. various Hacienda posters and covers for The Durutti Column). They also found time to do loads of other work and publish Octavo, International Journal of Typography. It's been long out of print but Hamish Muir and Mark Holt of 8vo (which itself disbanded in 2001) have reunited to make all 8 issues available once again in a very special 384pp book that is currently in the last week of seeking Kickstarter funding.

The book will be made using high-end production techniques to faithfully reproduce the original publications.

To quote the editors: "Octavo Redux is as close as you can get to the originals without holding them in your hands."

The Kickstarter is at 90% of its total with less than 7 days to go so there is still to contribute and make sure this important graphic design project sees the light of day.

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