18 Jun 2017
Fac 81 1st Factory Records International Congress 
Fac 81 1st International Congress stationery source materials

The Factory First International Congress was an event held in Manchester at The Connaught Building in George Street, Manchester, England on 10 September 1983. Whether it actually started at 6.15pm as per the official stationery bearing the official designation of Fac 81 is not known but some interesting information on the design of said stationery by Factory in-house designer Peter Saville has come to light courtesy of the AHW archives at MSI Manchester.

A found image of our favourite two Chinamen shaking hands is stapled to a sheet of paper bearing detailed notes of how the paper should be laid out including the precise wording and positioning of the various elements. Ardent followers of Cerysmatic Factory over the years will recall that a variant of this very image stood on our masthead for many a year.

Cerysmatic Factory / Fac 81-style masthead

The exact source of the image remains unknown too because it is a torn out corner. Perhaps it is from a Chinese magazine sourced in the very same Chinatown in which George Street sits. Would any Chinese-speaking FAC fans like to translate?

View the original source material.

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Fac 81 stationery

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