2 Jun 2017
Manchester North of England 2017 
Manchester North of England 2017

James and The Railway Children featured on the original LP and cassette version back in 1988. Now, in 2017, Cherry Red Records and the Manchester District Music Archive promise us a souped-up 6-disc 17-year set with a veritable feast of Factory and Factoryesque material including 52nd Street, A Certain Ratio, The Adventure Babies, Albertos Y Lost Trios Paranoias, Biting Tongues, Crispy Ambulance, The Distractions, Durutti Column, Electronic, Frank Sidebottom, Happy Mondays, James, Jazz Defektors, Jilted John, John Cooper Clarke, Joy Division, Life, Ludus, Manicured Noise, Marcel King, Miaow, New Order, Northside, The Nosebleeds, Quando Quango, The Railway Children, Revenge, Section 25, Slaughter & The Dogs, Stockholm Monsters, Swamp Children, The Tiller Boys, The Weeds, X-O-Dus and Yargo.

The box set is expected later this year. The impressive tracklisting is still in the process of being confirmed but for more info check out the Facebook page.

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