5 Jun 2017
Releases of time to come 
Releases of time to come

Transcript of typewritten Factory Benelux release schedule from the archives with, as ever, a few unexpected twists on the FBN catalogue as we know it. Check the explanatory notes at the end for more info.

December 30th 1983

Releases of time to come

FBN 15
1982 recording in Brussels. Sleeve Patrick Roques. testpressings just arrived 1

FBN 22
from the december 83 recordings; no edit known as yet; song still to be selected; sleeve? this is for NEW ORDER. 2

FBN 26
'In movimento' A Dojo Be Music production for this Italian act; sleeve by the band in the Mussolini style; cutting in Belgium Jan 9th. 3

FBN 28
'Fate/Hate' Hookie on production; cutting done in London recently; testpressings soon to be available; sleeve by the band currently being processed in Brussels. 4

FBN 31
recordings to happen in Brussels early February with an appearance at Interferences, latest nightspot in Grand-Place, Bruxelles. 5

FBN 32
If Donald was less upset about Benelux recent foolishness, we'd know more about this project... but it shouldn't remain a questionmark for much longer... 6

FBN 33
Section 25 'From The Hip'
To be released simultaneously by Brussels and Manchester and France, etc. Sleeve by Saville; masters and films impatiently expected; a memorable release for start of 84; thank you Wally. 7

FBN 34
LAVOLTA LAKOTA 'Mitawin/Prayer'
Testpressings just arrived. A Hookie production again; one side is 33rpm; sleeve by the band currently being processed in Brussels 8

FBN 35
THE WAKE 'Talk About The Past'
Masters and films expected anytime. Release to be launched with a Benelux and German tour late February. 9

FBN 35
THE DURUTTI COLUMN 'Short Stories for Pauline'
From the December recordings in Brussels. Picture sleeve for the back (c.f. Tony's choice) Release schedule to be discussed according to Portuguese LP and the next FAC album. 10


1 - released as FBN 18 (instead of FBN 15) in April 1984
2 - released as FBN 22 (Murder b/w Thieves Like Us (instrumental)) in May 1984
3 - released as FBN 26 in April 1984
4 - released as FBN 28 in April 1984
5 - unreleased by James but FBN 31 eventually became Alma Mater by Stockholm Monsters
6 - released as FBN 32 (Brazilia) in December 1984
7 - released as FBN 33 and FACT 90 (From The Hip) in March 1984
8 - released as FBN 34 (Prayer / Mitawin) in July 1984
9 - unreleased FBN version of FAC 88 Talk About The Past
10 - unreleased until it eventually surfaced on the resurrected Factory Benelux on CD and LP in 2012

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