14 Oct 2017
The all-night party just goes on 
Factory Records May 1980 release schedule

May 20, 1980


Friday 23rd May
FAC 18 Section 25 "Girls Don't Count" 7" 45/33rpm
FACT 14 Durutti Column "Return"; new sleeve, reissue 12" 33rpm
FACT 16 A Certain Ratio "GAB"; new style plastic wallet case

Friday 30th May
FAC 28 Joy Division "Komakino" free flexi-disc 7" 45rpm

Friday 6th June
FAC 17 Crawling Chaos "Sex Machine" 7" 45 rpm

Friday 13th June
FAC 23 Joy Division "Love Will Tear Us Apart" 7" 45/33rpm

Friday 27th June
FACT 25 Joy Division "Closer" 12" 33rpm


Friday 30th May
FACTUS 1 Joy Division "Unknown Pleasures" P&D's by R.TradeUS

Friday 13th June
FACUS 2 Joy Division "She's Lost Control" 12" 45rpm by RTUS

Friday 4th July
FACTUS 3 The Durutti Column "The Return of...." 12" 33rpm (Antilles)

Friday 11th July
FACUS 4 A Certain Ratio "Do the Du (casse)" 12" 45rpm (Antilles)

With regards to recent events, we feel there is very little we want to say. The feelings of Ian's friends and colleagues are private and should remain so. We'd like to thank all the people who abet us in record production, the journalists, broadcasters and friends from other companies and bands who have expressed their sympathy. For the young people who loved the music, we hope that some of the above releases help with that empty feeling that we are all going through.

The all-night party just goes on.


Transcript of Factory Records release schedule dated May 20, 1980 (2 days after the death of Ian Curtis) from the AHW archive.

View the full May 1980 release schedule.

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