21 Oct 2017
The Gay Traitor and Kim Philby 
Anthony Blunt

Negative photograph of Anthony Blunt as featured on the Gay Traitor cocktail bar list from FAC 51 The Haçienda.

Kim Philby

Annotated photograph of Kim Philby (after whom the main bar in FAC 51 The Haçienda was named.


A negative and photograph from the AHW collection, presumably dating from the pre-FAC 51 era as it was being planned.

Blunt and Philby were infamous members of the Cambridge Five, a ring of spies who passed intelligence information to the Soviet Union during and after World War Two.

The third bar at the Haçienda, Hicks, was named after the cryptonym of Guy Burgess, another member of the Five.

Anthony Blunt

The Kim Philby Bar (neon sign as installed at FAC 491)

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