10 May 2018
FACT 76 The Jazz Defektors Film 
FAC 76 The Jazz Defektors Film

The Jazz Defektors Film was an eight minute video which in its original edit was intended to be released on with a "FACT 76" title card. That never happened but the film was released as part of the FACT 137 Shorts compilation video under the title 'Hanki Panki' (but without the FACT 76 title). A YouTube clip includes the FAC 76 catalogue number and uses the spelling "JAZZ DEFECTORS".

This handwritten outline comes from the AHW archive at MSI Manchester and represents a pretty faithful description of the eventual video. It can be briefly summarised as three groups assembling in different areas of Manchester before congregating at FAC 51 The Hacienda for a "dance-off" in a West Side Story homage.


FAC 79 Black + White
Shirley Scott
Live ACR Tape --> get to them (Simon)

STORY - West Side
Wanderers v Warriors

3 Groups
3 Areas
Their Territory

SALTS - Whalley Range
Wayne's Firm - Flyover
Neil's Team - HULME

NEIL'S TEAM - steal burglar's money
SALTS TEAM molests 2 Girls


The "FAC 79" numbering on this note is incorrect or may have just been a typo. FAC 79 is allocated to Quando Quango's Love Tempo. FACX 79 is the 1979 Christmas present (a set of earplugs in a small red box). The Jag referred to here was Tony Wilson's Mark II Jaguar. Shirley Scott originally performed this piece as "Hanky Panky" in 1973.

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Peter Saville colour wheel
Biting Tongues

In the grey days of late 1970s post-punk Manchester, youth culture was a serious affair: every musical performance was measured mostly by the conviction of its delivery. The term 'New Wave' opened up free vistas where acquired skills could once again be exercised after punk's monochrome blur. It could be applied to anything from a James 'Blood' Ulmer record to the latest Throbbing Gristle release, Magazine to Swell Maps. Move outside that terrain into Sun Ra, Parliament, Frank Sinatra and Martin Denny, and your options were suddenly without limit...

Then came Tony Wilson's Factory Club (at the Russell Club in Hulme) offering an open invitation to experiment that was taken up when Ken Hollings, Howard Walmsley, Eddie Sherwood and a few others decided to make some noise to accompany their 16mm silent epic Biting Tongues. A further performance followed a few weeks later, when Colin Seddon and Graham Massey disbanded their Post Natals project and joined up. The film itself, a flashing series of negative images, became a memory; the name remained.

- extract from the LTM Biting Tongues biography

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