28 Aug 2019
Cabaret Voltaire presents Chance Versus Causality 
Cabaret Voltaire presents Chance Versus Causality

Cabaret Voltaire will make their soundtrack, 'Chance Versus Causality', available officially for the first time since the film's release in 1979. The album is out via Mute [->] on limited edition transparent green vinyl, CD and digitally on 30 August 2019 via Mute.

'Chance Versus Causality' was recorded in 1979 as the soundtrack for director Babeth Mondini's film of the same name. The band originally met Mondini at a Brussels Plan K show which featured Joy Division, Cabaret Voltaire and William S Burroughs, following which she asked them to create the soundtrack for her film. Chance Versus Causality was improvised and recorded live by the original Cabs line-up of Richard H. Kirk, Stephen Mallinder and Chris Watson.

On the same day '1974-76', a selection of early years material recorded in Chris Watson's attic, will get its first vinyl release. The album, originally released on cassette via Industrial Records in 1980, was reissued on CD by Mute's The Grey Area in 1992 and will be re-released on limited edition transparent orange 2LP and on digital download.


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