23 Aug 2019
Minny Pops live archive 1978 to present 
Minny Pops live archive

Whilst Cerysmatic was on hiatus (again), I couldn't totally stop myself from working on Fac-related projects. The Durutti Column and A Certain Ratio Gigographies are two examples where, in both cases, I converted and enhanced the existing gig listings created and curated by Mike Mitchell over the years and turned them into a new section of the Durutti website and a wholly new Gigography site for ACR. Any and all contributions to the Gigographies are gratefully accepted by the way.

Another project was building a completely new Minny Pops website at minnypops.com. Wally van Middendorp handed over the keys to the Minny Pops vaults and I went in there digging for gold. The most impressive aspect of Wally's record-keeping was his creation (and retention) of a complete set of gig records for the band going all the way back to late 1978, initially ending in 1981 and then jumping forward in time to the band's 2012 reunion and subsequent reinvention as artpop conceptualists. With photos also archived for many of these dates it lent itself to the creation of a complete list of every gig played by Minny Pops replete with the band line-up at the time and the setlist.

Hopefully more Minny Pops projects are in the pipeline. Watch this space (and that space) for more info.

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