20 Sept 2019
Films made on Factory Records money 
Films made on Factory Records money FACT 46 The Video Circus

We continue to remember Malcolm Whitehead's legacy and look back at the 'Films made on Factory Records money' 2-part interview published in 2017. This was originally conceived for the 'undone' issue 6 of Scream City fanzine which was planned for 2011/12 but which never happened (long story, Ed.).

The concept was "the Video Issue' and it was going to come with a dvd and accompanying articles in the paper-based fanzine. The interview, by Brian Nicholson, covered Fac 9 the Factory Flick, Fac 20 Too Young To Know Too Wild To Care, Fact 38 Below The Canal, Fact 46 The Video Circus and the history of Ikon in general.

Many thanks to Brian (and sorry again for the delay).

p.s. the Fac 46 "a video-circus" poster shown above seems to have been left out of the Use Hearing Protection exhibition.

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