21 Sept 2019
Retrofitting Now - The Vinylist with Section 25 
Retrofitting Now - The Vinylist with Section 25

Issue 497 of Record Collector magazine includes Section 25's Vin Cassidy on the new 5LP 'Always Now' box set out now via Factory Benelux.

Vin recalls the recording of the Always Now album: "Section 25 has always been pretty diligent about its archive. When Factory collapsed in 1992, Larry drove to Manchester and managed to retrieve our master tapes from there. And the actual experience of recording Always Now was pretty special. It was the first time that we’d recorded at a top-line studio like Britannia Row and we were fairly apprehensive about it. But Martin Hannett put us at our ease and we enjoyed doing it. While we were there, Paul, our guitarist, bumped into Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour in the games room a few times, as both of them were trying to get on the Space Invaders machine! We’d see Floyd popping in and out as they were prepping equipment for a tour that they were doing."

Looking forward, Vin considers the prospects for future vinyl reissues: "Next up, it'd be nice to see From The Hip on vinyl again. It’s our signature electro album, so maybe there'll be a 40th anniversary box set in 2024? I’m old school and I still see vinyl as the proper release format. It has that permanence and all-around audio and visual quality about it."

We will be patient!

Record Collector is in the shops now. It's the one with the Status Quo front cover.

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