17 Sept 2019
That Factory Tune by Vincent Davies 
That Factory Tune by Vincent Davies

'That Factory Tune' is a poem by Vinny Davies which was commissioned by Councillor Chris Paul from Manchester City Council in liaison on the Factory side by Esther Ford.

March from Middleton, descend from Hulme
Walk from Withington to the factory tune
Mooch from Moston, do the Ancoats sway
We're all gone move in a Curtis way
Leave time to get from Levenshulme
Or rush from home
Dawdle from Didsbury, to the sound that we own
Hurry up from Urmston, or thumb it from Hyde
Not far from Ardwick, just one bus ride
Bounce down from Beswick, see what people say
Push boundaries, and soundaries in a Wilson way
It's black and it's yellow, it's played on the moon
That Manchestic, Majestic Factory Tune

- 'That Factory Tune' by Vincent Davies

Many thanks to Vinny and Iain for the info and imagery.

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