5 Sept 2019
The Wendys - The F.G. Album 
The Wendys - The F.G. Album - letter from Anthony H Wilson to The Wendys about the then upcoming release of Fact 285 Gobbledygook

Many thanks to Ian White of The Wendys for this great Factory artefact which he originally circulated via Facebook. Ian explains: "We had just delivered the master tapes of our album Gobbledygook to Factory. Tony Wilson sent us this lovely and inspiring letter. It was fantastic to know Tony and Factory had faith in us."


"F.G. album, as in 'fucking great'. It's a pleasure to know you were right in signing an act. It's a pleasure to contemplate the exciting years ahead with a fine group. But most of all it's a pleasure to listen to such fabulous bloody songs. Thanks for an ace Xmas present, boys.


Anthony H. Wilson"


It's Fac artefact double whammy because the letterhead used is a perfect example of Fac 311 stationery.

See also: Factory Records stationery

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