6 Oct 2019
Happy Mondays - The Early EPs coloured vinyl boxset 

Happy Mondays release the 'Early EPs' 4x12" Coloured Vinyl Boxset Collection on 25 October 2019. A companion digital download is also available and, if you order via the official Happy Mondays store, there's also a limited edition A4 print by Pete Fowler which is based on his new video for 'The Egg'.

'The Early EPs' compiles Happy Mondays' first four 12" singles/EPs in special transparent coloured vinyl as follows: the 'Forty Five EP' (Fac 129, 1985, transparent green vinyl), 'Freaky Dancin/The Egg EP' (Fac 142, 1986, transparent orange vinyl), 'Tart Tart EP' (Fac 176, 1987, transparent blue vinyl), and '24 Hour Party People' (Fac 192, 1987, transparent yellow vinyl).

The recordings have been remastered from the original archived master tapes. The artwork has been redrawn and digitised by original designers Central Station Design with the boxset cover itself being a new 24 Hour Party People Bez-themed affair.


Forty Five EP

A1: Delightful
B1: This Feeling
B2: Oasis

Freaky Dancin/The Egg EP

A1: Freaky Dancin' (Live)
B1: The Egg (Mix)
B2: Freaky Dancin'

Tart Tart EP

A1: Tart Tart
B1: Little Matchstick Owen

24 Hour Party People EP

A: 24 Hour Party People
B1: Yahoo
B2: Wah Wah (Think Tank)

The 'Early EPs' is available to pre-order now via happymondays.ffm.to/EarlyEPs.

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