24 Oct 2019
Robs Records discography updates 
Robs Records

I always welcome updates on any missing or incorrect data and therefore it's a big thank you to Dec Hickey for filling in some gaps in the Robs Records discography on releases by Flamingos, Anambi, Gold Coast, Koolaid and others.

Additional releases:

12ROB8 Flamingos - 'Reason For Living' (12”)
CDROB8 Flamingos - 'Reason For Living' (CD5")
12ROB4 Anambi - 'Our Love Climbs Higher' (12”)
12ROB27 FR’ Mystery - 'Somebody’s Gonna Get Hurt' (12")
12ROB32 Sound Source - 'For Real' (12”)
12ROB33 Dan Man & General - ‘Bass Power' (12")
12ROB34 Gold Coast - 'Better Vibes / Havana Lick' (12")
12ROB41 Gold Coast - 'The Rink' (12")
12ROB43 Rack-it! - 'Have You Had It?' EP (12")
12ROB54 Koolaid - 'Untitled' (12" {test pressing only?})


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