21 Oct 2019
Scream City 4 
Scream City 4

Scream City 4 was almost totally themed around FAC-2 A Factory Sample and featured all four artists - Joy Division, The Durutti Column, Cabaret Voltaire, John Dowie - in the form of interviews with Peter Hook, Vini Reilly, Colin Sharp, Stephen Mallinder and, er, John by Scream City regulars Ian McCartney and Michael Eastwood with a special guest appearance by Phil Kooky Cleaver. Matthew Robertson discussed the design philosophy behind the record whilst Andrew James took on the wider concept of the record label sampler throughout the history of popular music.

A free limited edition CD featured the track 'Cup a Soup Romance' from the then forthcoming album by The Durutti Column, 'Sunlight to Blue... Blue to Blackness'.

The design theme was decidedly and deliberately old school, taking the fanzine concept back to its origins. Fixed-width fonts and black and white vibe. Cover star Vini Reilly was half-toned by Steven Hankinson from a portrait photo by Rachel McFarlane.

The back cover star was the silver mascot of Tony Wilson's old Jag - true story. The figurine was broken and the owner sold it to Scream City's Ian McCartney and donated the proceeds to The Christie, where AHW had been treated during his illness.

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