2 Nov 2019
Praxis - A Factory Anniversary Exhibition 
Praxis - A Factory Anniversary Exhibition

"In 1978 the unlikely pairing of a jobbing actor and a Cambridge graduate-cum-TV presenter founded a record label in Manchester. Alan Erasmus and Tony Wilson released their first record on Factory Records in 1979 and during the period up until its demise in 1992 made a huge impact, not only on music but on popular culture and design."

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Factory's first release, The Modernist presents an exhibition, PRAXIS XL, showcasing the legacy of Factory Records.

Curated and designed by stalwart of Factory's design team - Trevor Johnson, alongside brother Craig - the exhibition will feature selected output from 40 of the label's most interesting and sometimes esoteric projects.

Praxis - A Factory Anniversary Exhibition starts on Saturday 9 November 2019 at the Modernist Society [->] at 58 Port Street, Manchester M2 2EQ.

Opening hours: 11:00 - 17:00 daily

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