5 Nov 2019
Scream City 3 - additional material 
Scream City 3 - additional material

Scream City 3 saw the graphic design identity concept veer off from that established in the first two years. A slightly longer gap between issues perhaps contributed to this fresh approach. It also got a bit fruity...

In 2005 I had visited Lyon, France to participate in the Nuits Sonores festival with Tony Wilson and Matt Carroll of Central Station Design. It was at this festival that I had conducted my interview with AHW (with occasional interjections from Matt). It was also her that I met Lyon resident and photographer Richard Bellia who took a photo of Tony and me alongside his more regular pictorial duties for the event organisers.

Scream City 3 - additional material - Tony Wilson and John Cooper

On my return to England, I met Richard and his friend Push at Push's house in Brentford near Griffin Park and that's where the Cock and Balls Story begins...

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