8 Nov 2019
Scream City 4 - additional material 
Scream City 4 - additional material - Situationist International graphic inspiration which was abandoned

Scream City 4 - The FAC-2 issue - had a consistent graphic identity the whole way through and there was one golden rule - no colour. That rule was adhered to without fail except for one small dash of orange on the centrespread.

After a brief dalliance with a Situationist International graphic, the front cover concept was tied directly to the FAC-2 interview with Vini Reilly and the SC4.1 CD of 'Cup a Soup Romance' by The Durutti Column. Vini Reilly provided three photos by Rachel McFarlane, his then girlfriend, with the best of these being selected. The original photo features Vini in a brightly coloured top holding his beloved Les Paul guitar. It seemed such a shame to drain the colour but rules are rules...

Scream City 4 additional material

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