22 Nov 2019
Scream City 6 
Scream City 6 [front cover detail]

Scream City 6 is the long-awaited film and video edition originally planned for 2012 but which never happened but is now slated for 2020.

The regular line-up of writers will return - Michael Eastwood, John Cooper, Andrew James, Ian McCartney, David Nolan plus debutants Iain Key, Brian Nicholson and Paul Pledger.

The publication schedule is somewhat tentative at this stage but, with a surprising amount of work already having been completed several years ago, it is not having to be started from scratch. More information when I have it but it should be published in the first half of 2020.

In a break from tradition, but rather aptly considering the subject material, this edition will be online-only.

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