4 Jan 2013
Helping Vini Reilly 
Fans of The Durutti Column have raised over £3,000 to help Vini Reilly pay off a backlog of rent thanks to a fundraising initiative orchestrated by Vini's nephew Matt Reilly. The campaign, which started on The Durutti Column's official Facebook group, was backed by thedurutticolumn.com and later picked up and publicised by BBC News and The Guardian as well as by people such as Steve Mason and Dan Le Sac on Twitter. Enough money has been raised so as to ensure that Vini will be able to pay off all his rent.

Matt Reilly posted the following message on Facebook yesterday, expressing Vini heartfelt thanks and explaining that donations are no longer required:

"Firstly, a huge thank you once again to all of those who sent kind messages, ideas, and donations for Vini.

"I've just spoken to Vini and told him how much has been donated by fans and music lovers worldwide – he's ecstatic. He's said that enough has now been donated to ensure that he can pay off all of the backlog of rent that he owed, and he's asked me to pass on his huge gratitude to you all and let you know that no further donations are needed.

"He's explained that going forward he should be able to afford to pay his rent, but the debt relates to the period after he had his three strokes but before he was assessed for disability allowance.

"It has been a stressful time for Vini, with the constant worry of knowing that he couldn't afford to pay his debts and that could mean being evicted from the place he rents. But he says he now feels like you've lifted the weight of the world off his shoulders.

"He has asked me to send his love to all of you... You've given him the best start to his new year that anyone could have asked for. And he's determined to fight his way back to fitness and rebuild the power in his hands so he can play guitar again.

"It's going to be a hard road ahead for him, but you've all made his life a lot brighter. Thank you all so much for helping my uncle. All the best to you all for 2013.

Matt Reilly"

We would like to add our own personal thanks to everyone who helped and wish Vini all the very best.

Vini Reilly

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