27 Oct 2003
Bango Bango, Quando Quango 
Not it's not cockney rhyming slang but a slight continuation to an earlier thread.

First the Bango: Another great track played by The Unabombers at Fabric was 'Bango Bango' by Todd Terry from the album 'To The Batmobile Let's Go'.

And now the Quango: A 13 January 2003 new release announcement by Piccadilly Records in Manchester stated this about that Love Tempo remix.

"Quando Quango / Night Moves : Love Tempo / Transdance - 12" £7.99 - Benelux Records: 210-002. This US booty 12" from new label 'Benelux' features a couple of beauties for retro-future beat hunters. 1983's "Love Tempo" by Quando Quango was a Factory classic from Mike Pickering and Hillegonda Rietveld, so beloved by Larry Levan that it led to them playing live at the Paradise Garage that same year!

Night Moves "Transdance" was a New Wave piece of disco from the same year that earned much underground play in NYC and the fledgling house scene in Chicago. It's not too difficult to sense the influences these tracks have over Metro Area today."

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