30 Oct 2003
Too Crazy Cowboys 

A new Durutti Column T-Shirt is available featuring the famous Situationist Cowboys on horseback cartoon strip / poster which goes as follows (with thanks for Rob Stanzel's translation):

Cowboy 1: "What's your scene, man?"
Cowboy 2: "Reification*"
Cowboy 1: "Yeah? I guess that means pretty hard work with big books and piles of paper on a big table."
Cowboy 2: "Nope. I drift. Mostly I just drift."

*Synonyms for "Reification" (courtesy of dictionary.com): exemplification, expression, formation, incarnation, inclusion, incorporation, integration, manifestation, organization, personification, realization, structure, systematization.

The shirts come in black and white in sizes M/L/XL/XXL and are available by mail order (no CC) from Kooky Records.

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