21 Dec 2003
Drink Leningrad Dry 
Congratulations to City Life magazine on their 20th Birthday! Their commemorative issue (with Noel Gallagher cover) features various retrospective articles and awards including The Citizen's 'Two Decades of Mischief'. He mused in December 1991 that "the increasingly hirsute Anthony H Wilson is thinking of expanding the Factory empire by getting into Eastern Europe. One of his ideas is to open a Dry Bar in Leningrad, just one of Manchester's seven twin cities."

The same issue also speculates on the best Manchester single from the same 20-year period. Factory entries include Joy Division's 'Love Will Tear Us Apart', New Order's 'Blue Monday' and Happy Mondays' 24 Hour Party People. You can vote for your favourite at www.citylife.co.uk.

Finally, in clubbing, 'Wet' a Hacienda event at a swimming pool in Hathersage Road baths in November 1988 is lovingly remembered.

That's enough City Life / Factory reminiscences.

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