10 Jan 2004
Scoop on Skopos 
According to his official website, Wim Mertens has just released a new album entitled Skopos (a Greek word which means, 'reach', 'range', 'hitting the target', or 'a musical line that is followed by the melody') and has a February 2004 tour of Belgium on the blocks.

Full details of the Première Belgian Tour Skopos by the Wim Mertens Ensemble:
Thursday/Friday 12/13 February - Stadsschouwburg, Leuven
Sunday 16 May - Stadsschouwburg, Kortrijk

Wim Mertens' recordings for Factory Records comprised the Fact 190(c) Educes Me and the Fact 195 Belly Of An Architect Soundtrack. His complete discography lists 46 (count 'em) albums in a career spanning more than twenty years!


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