24 Feb 2004
Lost in Translation 
Whilst typically the domain of acts like Nena, Gloria Estefan and Christina Aguilera, the concept of the foreign language version of an original song did make its way into Factory folklore. FBN 37 'Dites Moi' is the French version of Fac 106 'Tell Me' and was released in a different sleeve for good measure. There was to have been a 12" version but it never happened.

And it doesn't stop there. Dirty Disco by Section 25 was released as FAC BN 5 'Je Veux Ton Amour'.

On a similar thread there is the very peculiar practice renaming of whole albums with foreign language titles whilst retaining the original English language songs. There was an Argentinian release of New Order's 'Low Life' (Fact 100) which was called 'Vida Pobre'.

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